Imagine a couple of these about five feet high. I stumbled across two in a gem store in Banff, Canada and just fell in love. Naturally I couldn't afford them, so I wrote a story around someone who could and the consequences of that purchase. Thus "The Crystal Gate" was born. I've renamed it to become 'Lines of Betrayal'. But finding those crystals became a catalyst to learning about crystals and to a lifelong love of them and their powers.
Crystals make me feel good. I can feel their vibrations and they make me happy. I have several dotted around my house.
I set  'Lines' in Glastonbury UK because back when I lived close by there were a dozen crystal shops in the High Street alone. Then of course there was Glastonbury Tor and the ley lines. If I couldn't write a story around that then I am not much of a writer.
I've set myself a few goals this year. I am a good way into it already while I wait to see how "Games of Adversaries" pans out.  I still don't know what people think of the novel barring a couple of reviews, so I am waiting with bated breath. Meanwhile: what I have been working on.

  • The Warriors of the Land - trilogy
  • The Voice of the Land - done
  • The Discovering of Demons - done
  • Strangers Bearing Gifts - 3/4 done
  • Army of Unalterable Law (parallel to "Games") - 3/4 done
  • A Distant Light - (sequel to "Games") Only just started.
  • Lines of betrayal (The Crystal Gate) done bar some final final
  • House of Faegrim - done bar a LOT of editing.
  • Vicadia - gimme a plot please...
  • Short story for anthology - done, done done....
  • The Broken Sword - thinking....

Finished 106k words on Lines of Betrayal today. Yes, it was already
written but it still needs a tad more editing. But it captured my imagination
the other day and I had to do it. Editing is mainly in the latter half. It was
longer but I cut some stuff out. In this story however, I don't think I can cut
more. The characters are too complex for that and it is quite a cast. I probably
need some Beta readers.



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