Years ago I wrote book. The very first book I had written entirely. It was
written in three parts and I even drew a separate cover for each heading. I
placed snippets from various poetry at every heading. I worked out maps for
every world, the monetry system, politics, religion etc etc. I sent it to a
publisher where they said it was a 'tremendous feat of the imagination'. Then
somehow or other I ended up with three sons *G*, which took rather a lot of my time. (Can't think why). But I never stopped writing. In between nappies I wrote and expanded the world. I wrote another story linked to that world, which became "Games of Adversaries". But in actual fact, the hero of "Games" Yiahan rial Krias, had a brother called Ohrelian, and it was he who began the tale. So basically we can blame him for everything. I wouldn't have been a writer without Ohrelian, who, in the story is named 'David Stormon'. He taught me how to write.

How to make the scribblings of a newbie into a coherent whole. So I think he
definitely deserves to be in print one day.

Right now, though I am working on the 'sequel' to "Games". You'd think it would be easy with all the wonderful info I already have, but it isn't, because like me, these guys have grown up a bit. They've been through rather a lot and still have some to go. Then there are all those lives they touched during their adventures. The men and the women and their worlds.

Lots of thinking going on here.


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