I have always striven to be honest about my work. Having a novel published is  a wonderful, yet sometimes frustrating journey. There are the halcyon days when it first comes out to the depressing idea that no one even read it.
No, that isn't true or I wouldn't be writing this post. I am not going to go into the frustrations of getting readers, I've addressed that before. Rather, just to blow my own trumpet over people's thoughts.
I've had very few written reviews, which did at first alarm me, and then I began to get feedback via friends and acquaintances. It has been a slow trickle, but all very worthwhile and uplifting.
"Games" is very much a debut novel, in that it has flaws here and there. The irony here is that now I have stepped away from it, I can see them too, but I couldn't at the time. Even so, I can honestly say I am proud of what I have achieved.
One of the things which has delighted me most of all has been the response to my 'style'. I've always striven to have an indivudual voice, while not letting it overwhelm the story. Yes, I have been known to be a touch purple, but with a good editor's help I've hopefully smoothed that out.
Most readers have found the opening memorable, which pleases me no end. It left a mark and made people wish to read on. They very much enjoyed the characters and wanted more of them.
It has been pointed out to me that I do have to strive for a touch more clarity in places. A real case of the author knowing what is going on and not conveying it clearly enough to her readers. Duly noted, I will definitely work on that, focusing much more on every scene and the importance within it.
That said, the majority have loved the novel and wanted more. W00t! Of course I want to hear that.
But, to quote a couple of reviews - "A refreshing read - Her writing is beautiful. Sparse when it needs to be, and perfectly descriptive when it calls for that. "
"Loved it!" (Liked that one along with "Better than cheese" lol.)
Another one which touched me: "In a way that is deeply sympathetic to prisoners of war and soldiers exposed to terrible hardship everywhere, the author speaks to the heart of the reader with truth as well as compassion."
"I so admire your creative imagination!"
And lastly "When is the next one coming???"

So, yes, I have a huge grin plastered on my face. Flaws and all I've touched some hearts, and that is everything I wished to achieve.



02/04/2013 8:30am

So glad! You deserve all your success. I don't have to tell you how proud Richard is of you!

02/04/2013 9:40am

Thanks Rhonda!


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