I would love to give acknowledgement for this photo, because for me it is profound. So, if it is yours, please let me know and I will gladly advertise the fact. Because I 'get' that photo.
And this is what I wanted to say. I may whine and moan about a dearth of reviews, but the ones I have so 'get' the stories I have written that I am humbled.
They see that human connection which has enabled me to cross genres and reach people who usually don't read science fiction and fantasy.
I could never write romances or 'straight' literature. By that I mean I need that outlet of imagination which takes me beyond the norm. Because through my own experiences, if we take life at face value, it is never enough.
I know this through the death of my son. I know this through simply living. Life is not the mundane existence we often insist upon ourselves. It is so much more. So that when it is a struggle to get that down on paper, I can't do it in a way that many people think life should be. It is often beyond our expectations or our comfortable little boxes. And it is only when we think out of the box that we see what is out there.
While fantasy and science fiction may be the milieu of the imagination, it has its roots in reality. The thing is we don't always see the same reality.

But, if you will, go read "Games of Adversaries" and now, "The Voice of the Land" and see what you think. Is it fantasy or science fiction? Or is it real life?



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