Sounds like the opening words of a board meeting or something...
But, no, haven't been my usual sparkling self *G*. Minor medical probs, which are minor in the scheme of things, but enough to leave me desperately tired, so that I couldn't find the energy to both work and write.
I am hoping now, having been to the docs and changing a few things, that I shall soon regain my energy.
However, sometimes it isn't a bad thing to take a break. My brain gets overfull with 'stuff' and I've certainly been thinking lots about "Vicadia" to the point of bursting. But sometimes the brain simply says whoa! Hang on a bit and sit back and think about it, instead of rushing in the like the proverbial bull in a china shop.
So this week I have one more day at the day job and then four days off. Let's see about the word count then.
Yes, that was a threat.



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