As I said on FB yesterday,  I was reminded that people are reading my books and that I hadn't done any promoting for a while. I'm a little shy when it comes to that and tend to hide in the corner. Unfortunately in today's book climate, if I want people to read, I have to blow my own trumpet now and again :). I also have been working like crazy at the bakery. I mean, virtually full time when I should be only working a couple of days a week.

So why should you read my books when there are a million others to choose from? Well, according to my reviewers it is because they are well written and highly original. The kind of books where it doesn't matter if you routinely read sci fi or fantasy, because they are character-orientated first. That is not to say I don't do my research.
"The Voice of the Land" displays a winged creature on the cover, and it is not until you've read into the book that you discover why and how. From a Pears encyclopedia article on the evolutionary paths of both bats and humans, to a thesis combining bat and human blood, to genetics. All those went into the writing of "Voice". Why did I use a clone as a main character? Isn't that passé these days? No, not when you put a new twist on it. Why did I make the world/worlds sentient? Because it creates a what-if question. Can a world fight back as humans slowly destroy it?
As with many of my stories, this is a story about choices. What would you do if--?
"Voice" is the beginning of a trilogy. The second volume is called "The Discovering of Demons" and is set five hundred years further on and is about one of the Desmondis characters ( bat-like). The whole trilogy is about the evolution of species and how and why they came about.
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