No, it wasn't that cold today. Quite the opposite. That day was -30c, today it was +12c. Which meant the shedding rake came out, and, drumroll, Merlin got ridden. That's been about six months for various reasons and I wasn't sure the girth would go around his tubby belly, but it did, just.
Only had one fly back from him that I quickly curtailed. Otherwise he was a really good boy. I wasn't sure if *I* could get on since I am having huge probs with one hip right now, but last year I trained him to stand still to be mounted, because he wasn't too good at that. He hadn't forgotten as I climbed onto a metal and noisy upturned waterer. My legs were shaky though. Not nerves, just, boy, unfit. So I kept it to ten minutes, let him see what was what around the farm and brought him back happy.

Now Easter is over I hope to get back into the swing of writing. Am still working on Vicadia and edits of "Discovering of Demons".

It's a difficult time of year for me. I get very down about Rich but Merlin cheered me up, and I also wrote to Canadian Heroes because Rich's picture and info should be on their page and it is not. I am getting very ansty about things which have not happened, like A's silver cross medal, and the Board of Inquiry report. There are going to be phone calls soon.

Hope to have a post soon about my publisher and perhaps an interview or two. Sales for "Voice of the Land" are going steadily and lots of people have marked it to read and maybe win a copy in the Goodreads giveaway.



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