The theme of this anthology is mythical Celtic creatures.  It is open
for submissions until the last day of February, 2013.

Thus far, we have the following contributors:
•Henry Szabranski, author of  "The Unforgiven Dead"
•C.N. Lesley, author of "The Seventh Child" and "The Hurdy Gurdy Man"
R.J. Marie, author of "Now Shall the Battle be Won"
•Susan Elizabeth Curnow, author of "Undine"
•Crash Froelich, author of "Beware the Morrigan, my child"
May-Lin Iversen Demetriou, author of "The Thief"

The word count for submissions should range from 2-5K.  You may write in
any style of fantasy except children's stories and erotica. If your story
gravitates toward horror, please make it more intellectual than gory.  

So, there is still room for more stories if you are so inclined. Please contact Artema Press if you wish to be send a story for consideration. This is a high-quality anthology, so only send your best :)



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