Do you have a tattoo? I'm just curious. Do you find you get 'reactions' from having one? Do people automatically label you because of it?

I had mine done because although I don't need a reminder of my son, I wanted something permanent that said how I felt. The raven is symbol for 'cornwall' and my name means Cornwall. The 'R" at the top of his wings is for Richard and the triple tail to denote all three of my sons. Cornwall is as celtic as Ireland and Wales in many ways, so I definitely wanted to show that ancestory.

But people often presume it is 'tarty' or you're trying to be tough. For some it is a statement, for others it is pure decoration - why did you do it? Or if you didn't, how do you feel about them?

OMGOMGOMG, I just wrote your instead of you're. All my wingeing and I wrote... \0/  definitely been on FB too much...



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