How many of us truly follow our dreams? How many of you have sat down and said, I'd love to...? But then done nothing about it? How many of you have uttered 25 excuses why you *couldn't* follow that dream?

I was thinking about this after my son passed away, because as cliched as it is, life really is too short, especially to dream and do nothing about it. When you see a young life disappear; a life that should have been so much longer than yours, then, yes, it makes you stop and think. When it is someone who should have long outlived you, especially then.
That place you always wanted to go to but never could afford? You probably could if you really really tried. That car you wanted, that place in the country, that book you wanted to write? Yes, you can. The only thing holding you back is yourself.
It is like telling someone you love them but not showing it. Talking about it means little unless you truly mean it.
Losing a child doesn't suddenly make you wise and all knowing, but it does make you stop and think and reassess.
I've followed my dream of publication with far more determination that I ever had before, because suddenly I thought, there really isn't that much time and if I don't do it now I never will. Did I ever tell you it scared the pants off me? It did. That exposure to the public eye. The idea that people could tell me my work was bloody awful, that I wasn't 'good enough', that people might think, who the heck does she think she is?
Well I can tell you who I am, at least a part of me, and that is an author. It is only one part of many. But I did it. I became what I'd always wanted to be. With a lot of help and encouragement, and whether I am a success or failure, I still did it.
So no matter what you dream about, go do it. It may take you a while, you may have to work your socks off, but if you truly want it. Do it. Don't wait. You never know what may be around the corner.

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03/05/2013 6:01pm

Superb post, so needed to hear this today. And I have those same dumb fears, and when I read it I thought, wow, I am using those dumb fears as excuses! So I told myself to buckle up and put on my big girl panties now. Even if it scares me that people will read it and judge it etc. But it is MY story.
And good on you for pushing yourself to follow your dream! :D

03/05/2013 6:45pm

Thanks Susy! Yep, get those pants on and wow the world. Make sure it is your best and go for it!


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