And you get pictures because animals are a huge part of my life. Makoiyi is my eleven year old Irish Wolfhound, who is here enjoying an empty peanut butter jar.

So excited about the interviews. I've already had many responses. Such articulate and well-thought answers, so that I know people are going to enjoy the 'series'. People talk about their own role in the industry as well as their novels, so there is something for everyone. I talk to mainstream authors as well as indie and self-published authors,  to cover a broad spectrum of people.

Meanwhile, I have added a short story to my 'about the author' page here, so feel free to wander over and have a read.


Dea Roen
01/12/2013 12:50pm

Oh, how I love that dog! (and you and Glenn too of course!!)

01/12/2013 12:53pm

He is amazing. A bit daft with old age, but...

01/12/2013 7:00pm

I am liking the sound of the interviews, you must have found it quite inspirational as well, I am guessing?
Thank you for sharing your short story, although I didn't know a lot about kelpies and had to google them, I got the gist of the story, as you captured the feeling and characters well, and enjoyed the twist. Short stories with a twist are my favs!
Keep up the good work, will keep an eye on the website for updates.
Oh and Ps. That dog is gorgeous! :D

01/12/2013 8:36pm

Very inspirational! How could I not enjoy talking books? *G*. I won't apologise for making you look up kelpies. They are a little wicked, but a lot of fun. But most fae are.
I will pass on your compliments to makoiyi, he doesn't mind those at all!


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