Maaan, weebly is making this hard for me today. On my laptop it wouldn't let me write anything. So you got a cute picture of Mica and nothing else. Le sigh.
Ah well, I am too tired to argue right now. Another stint of lots of days working. Done for two days, then another week and then I get six days off - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
I have no idea why this job tires me out so much. Before this I mucked out twenty horse stalls and didn't feel this tired. Maybe there isn't enough oxygen circulating or something. No idea. Anyway, now I've remembered how to type...
Writing - no. Seriously, if I am that tired I would write or edit drivel, so. No. Also it is May and in May my mind is occupied with why, how, what, who, how and where my son disappeared. I have to consciously avoid emotional context so that I don't fall into a heap. It isn't that I don't think it is right to grieve, just that life has to go on and I, personally, can't if every little thing sets me off in floods of tears.
But so far, apart from all the bloody work, May hasn't been bad. Loved that friends Lindsay and Shawn raised so much money for Wounded Warriors. We contributed some items to the garage sale but they did the rest. raised $1100! Woohoo!
Merlin the horse has lost a few pounds transferring from hay to grass - that is definitely worth a woohoo. Wasn't sure I was going to get a girth around him again - lol.
Book sales.
Well. Not sure what to write about this. I can honestly say that everyone who has read "Games of Adversaries" in particular, has enjoyed it. And yet, because of my pathetic marketing skills, I haven't made huge amounts of sales. And I do believe it is because of that and not the quality of the story. But I am also a believer in the exponential effect. People will read and say, hey that wasn't half-damn-bad and it will go from there and then people will want to read "The Voice of the Land". And don't forget that I also have a story in the "Magic Creatures from Celtic Mists" anthology, where there are many other great stories. Go check it out!



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