Too tired to think of a post this morning, and I have to work - booo, just when the hindbrain is plotting the next book. Ah well, such is life. So a link which might amuse both writers and readers. Written by the inimitable Chuck Wendig so not safe for children. In between the 'ripe' language is some very good advice. I will be thinking about the princess and the moon horse for a while, not to mention the Arthur reference.


Some trivia along with today's photo is the basis for my tattoo. For those who don't know, the raven represents Cornwall and 'curnow' means 'cornwall'. Plus, the day Rich disappeared a raven turned up and would not shut up. Obviously a messenger, so has some deeper significance for me. On my tattoo I had an 'R' drawn on the bird's wings in remembrance of Rich and for me, the celtic knotted tail are 3 loops for 3 sons. It is actually a kilt pin, which is extremely neat.



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