Why am I so exicted about the launch of "The Voice of the Land"? Because I already have quotes such as this:  Truly extraordinary, in concept and execution. Congratulations, Susan Elizabeth Curnow.

The Voice of the Land tells the story of Steven Carogan, a clone bred to serve where humans are often too afraid or ill-equiped to go. Indoctrinated since birth, Carogan is sent to the world of Cavan after another clone returns and commits suicide. Carogan's master is incensed at such bad payback for his investment.
Cavan was terraformed by an Earth company, meant to be both harvest and sanctuary for Earth's over-populated masses, but Victor Grantham, head of the Terran Population Control Board, has other ideas. But then, so does the world.
Given choices for the first time in his life, Carogan is torn between loyalty to those who bred him and the opportunities Cavan presents to him. The enigmatic priest and warrior of the Land, T'saquin Mrthfar never bullies Carogan into making a decision. He lets the world do it for him.
Cavan's natural wildness could well be destroyed by man. Three races vie for its ownership. Will any of them win? And how did the land's defenders, the cavalana, even be born?



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