Readers often ask writers where they get their inspiration from. Me? I just look out the window. Not quite. This is Castle Mountain near Banff, Canada and is a couple of hours down the road. In many ways the mountains have inspired me to write fantasy stories. "Lines of Betrayal" is set in a world where folk live halfway up a mountain. Not this particular one but Mount Assiniboine in B.C., which is the photo up top.

The opening of "Games of Adversaries" begins with a snow storm and terrible low temps. Yes, I do know a bit about that since sometimes the windchill is -40c here.

Authors are often advised 'write what you know', and while this definitely lends authenticity to the craft, it isn't always essential. Either find someone who does know or reasearch your facts. Having learned the hard way, when I got something wrong, research is now something I will double up on. Because, there is always someone who does know.

The beauty of science fiction and fantasy is that you can invent things that haven't happened, but even then, there has to be a basis in reality and physics for them to ring true. Most novels are written on that what-if factor or a mystery that must be solved. The fun part is finding that solution, along with the characters and all the wonderful pitfalls and triumphs they have along the way.

In "Games of Adversaries" the main question is - how would you survive if you landed on an alien world? At least, an alien world to you. In "House of Faegrim" it is, what if there really is another world layered alongside this one? In the Warriors trilogy it is, what if someone really did genetically alter humans?

See how much fun authors have?



01/14/2013 4:46pm

Beautiful pictures, and beautiful landscapes. Yes, I do believe it's great to get inspiration from Natures Wonders. We have some great landscapes here in NZ as well.
And I love the research to get my story right, problem is, I fall in love with my research just as much! But yes, it is definitely fun! :D

01/14/2013 6:17pm

Some research fries my brain - lol - like the genetic stuff I did for Warriors, but others opens up whole new vistas for sure. The top picture is from Wiki but the one below it either me or my son took - can't quite remember, but those landscapes are awe inspiring, as I am sure some of NZ is also.

01/14/2013 5:21pm

Sue, that is a gorgeous picture. And I love the new website. Jeanne did a great job on it.

01/14/2013 6:15pm

Yes, she did, it has much more of a 'wow' factor now thanks to her.


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