Author Cat Hellisen had a list on her blog this morning, which intrigued me. Basically you take all that interests you and write it down, and then see how much of that goes into the novels you write. Or, as she suggested, use the words as prompts for writing short stories or even novels.
When you think about it, it is is an obvious kind of thing, but as a writer, I didn't do it consciously. So, here is my list.

Fae myths and legends - yes, all my kelpie stories and House of Faegrim
Horses/cats/dogs - they appear in many of my novels.
Crystals - One novel written around amethyst geodes, but I've used crystals many times in short stories and novels.
Bats - yes, well, I 'invented' a whole species around those, which ended up as the Warriors trilogy.
Mountains - yep, Lines of Betrayal (was Crystal Gate)
Shape-shifting - House of faegrim
Clones -  Voice of the Land - it intrigues me that people even want to clone anything.
The arrogance of humanity - used frequently.
Forests - there is just something about the light in forests. An atmosphere...
Spiritualism - anything from psychics to reiki, because it is interesting what others believe and what we believe ourselves and the evidence of such.
Hawks - the sheer majesty of their flight.
There is more, which I have to think about. Not the obvious ones, I guess, but for now, that is what I came up with, without thinking.

Yep, there is a big one I forgot, which also often appears in my stories - Soldiers.

Today's picture is of Makoiyi who had just had a haircut and was so not impressed.



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