I had one of my 'ideas' the other day. I thought it would be interesting to talk to authors across the board about their experiences within the publishing industry and how much it has changed. I intended to do a week long series, but it maybe longer than that thanks to the generosity of authors.

So far I am excited to have:

  • Janny Wurts, acclaimed fantasy author of Wars of Light and Shadow, To Ride Hell's Chasm and many more.
  • Giacomo Giammatteo, mystery author of Murder Takes Time & A Bullet For Carlos
  • Alma Alexander,  fantasy author of WorldWeavers
  • Greta Van der Rol, science fiction author of Iron Admiral & Morgan's Choice
  • C N Lesley, fantasy author of soon to be published Darkspire Reaches
  • And possibly, if she can take time out of her busy schedule, D Kai Wilson Viola, author of Glass Block and an experienced marketing professional.

Such an exciting line up. Huge thanks to everyone for participating.

I will let everyone know as soon as I have a date scheduled to begin.


01/12/2013 6:49pm

That dog is beautiful it's like I've met him before

01/12/2013 7:10pm

That could be because you have, Jim :)


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