Interesting article by Jonathan Raunch pointed out to me by Gio Clairval on FB. It interested me because it is me to a 't'. The ability to communicate is not lacking, far from it, but the exhaustion of doing so it very prevalent. We used to just be called 'shy' and sometimes that shyness can get mislabelled as 'snob', which happened in my case a few years back. People thought I didn't want to talk to them because I felt I was above them or something. The truth was - complete stangers? I didn't know how to begin a conversation. The best thing I did was work as a waitress, because, to get 'tips' you actually have to smile, be polite, have a brief conversation about 'whatever'. And I discovered that the majority of people don't bite. That, what you give out often comes back. Like that smile. It was still exhausting and I definitely needed the serenity of home once it was over, but it was an achievement.
The same as getting that first book out there. The introvert part of me always says, no one could possibly want to read my drivel. Which vies with the other part which says, of course they will, it is damned good.
The whole philosophy seems to be, why should anyone be interested in what *I* have to say? Why should anyone be interested in *me*? You can hide behind the internet, for sure. In theory you could be anyone you wish to be - like a character in that book - but that is no more real than the novel.
The truth is, if you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone believe in you? Because there is no conviction in what you have to say. I will never be an extrovert, but I will certainly stand up for myself and what I believe in.
What about you? Are you one of the other or neither?

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03/12/2013 3:28pm

I'm an introvert. Totally. Painfully. I force myself to do things that involve reaching out to others. Promoting my books is torture, so I don't do nearly enough. When I go to cons, I would rather wear a name tag that has a smiley face on it than one that identifies me and opens me up to possible inquisitions. I'm the woman behind the curtain, not the one on the dance floor. Why do I write? Because I love it. Why do I publish? Damned if I know. Maybe I'm a masochist?

03/12/2013 3:43pm

I can't always answer that one either, about being published. It thrills me on one hand and terrifies me on the other. But I guess, going to back to what I posted, the stories aren't about me but about my observations of others. I just prefer to put people in really 'difficult' situations. From my own persepctive it isn't until you reach rock bottom that you realise your strengths.
But book marketing? I do a bit but truly I still feel as though the words should speak for themselves in many ways. I've just read your amazing review btw. Thank you! You really 'got' it and I am so delighted by that!


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