I just posted this on Rich's page, but I feel right now I want it to go public. So :
A thing I want to say on here as Richard's Mum. I lost Rich. I WILL not
tolerate losing any more of you. Not that any of you contemplate this, but I
just want to re-iterate stuff. Every time you have a flashback, do you think no
one else understands? No, they do not, in the same way you do. But they are
willing to...
listen. And the main thing is that listening, because YOU are talking. Which I
know is hard. God, I know. So easy to shut down and not feel. Far easier. Bitter
and twisted you carry on, but you aren't the person you once were. Of course
not! How could you be. Because you have lost part of yourself. You left it on a
battlefield, which could be in Afghanistan or Alberta. At the end of the day,
though, you realise that there are so many people who love you. Love you in
different ways, whether that is as a wife, a friend, a sister, a parent. All
different from that same love you might have had for a bud. Not a sexual thing
but a coming together of like minds. You think, only they can understand, and in
many ways that is a truth and a lie. Maybe as a parent or a wife or a sibling,
we haven't seen what you have, but we know the person inside. We know that
person we knew who went to defend our country and we have so much love, so much
patience, until you reject us. Don't do that. We may not have a total insight
into what you have experienced, but let us try. Let us TALK.


02/03/2014 12:38pm



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