When children are slaughtered, the act raises emotions to high levels. The horrific tragedy was caused by a human being. We think/hope that our children are safe. The sad truth is that they never are. Yet you can't live with that idea.

As a writer who writes both fantasy and science fiction, I don't live in a 'fantasy' world, In fact, most times i write from reality. For example, within "Games of Adversaries" there is a message about PTSD. Within the "Warriors of the Land" trilogy, there is a message that if we don't change as a race then we will destroy our world by indifference.

As writers we often study the 'human condition'. Attempting to understand why people do what they do. Unfortunately there will always be people who snap, always people who unfortunately have mental issues. Always people  who will blame everyone but themselves for their actions. Banning guns won't stop people, not if that person had always intended to do something horrific like killing children. You cannot have a moral compass to do something like that.

Is there an answer? I doubt there will ever be a true one. Sad but true.
As a writer all I can do is to sometimes open eyes to how people interact, show why they do what they do. If that happens to be in a fantasy setting sometimes people will listen to that more than a lecture. So while many novels are sheer entertainment, maybe there is a message between the lines if you look hard enough.


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