The latest book from Artema Press, my publisher. Several authors were invited to write stories with a celtic theme, myself included.

The blurb:

A soldier on leave suddenly finds
himself at the battlefront and at the mercy of the dreaded Morrigan. Next, a
kelpie is given a mission by the undine who rules the river that is his only
path to Faerie. A disabled man, drawn into the world of the Shining Ones, must save the fairy he loves from herself. Then a high-strung jeweler finds he has more in common with a thieving Cat Sidhe than the people of the town who accommodate her…

Magic Creatures From Celtic Mists features eleven stories with distinctly different plots and themes, some whimsical, some frightening, and others bittersweet. Together, they feature contemporary
imagining of creatures of Celtic myth, portrayed in both ancient and modern settings, with respect for their rich cultural origins and historical significance. It is a tribute to the past that celebrates its continued and compelling influence on the present in which we live.

My own story in this anthology in some ways in an extension of my favorite short story "A Gift Horse", which ties back to a novel I am still working upon "The House of Faegrim" because there was always a question in Faegrim as to how Julius got to Earth and why in the first place.
All the stories are excellent, but Froelich's Morrigan story will wow you.



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