Working every day leaves me zombied out and I have a hard time getting into writing mode.
One advantage of this, however, is that I go into thinking mode. And thinking means researching. Which sometimes I find a pain and other times I enjoy.

Today was *really* discovering about the motivation behind Vicadia's actions. I mean, I always had a plot and ideas, but sometimes they need a boost to make them work.

An example of 'stuff': Imagine it scrawled across a notebook with copious side notes and lots of oohs and aaahs..

What is the significance of the number eight?

It is the shape of infinity/Biblically it means salvation/resurrection/new beginnings.
First cubic number 2x2x2
Fibonacci number - a perfect cube/ a cube has eight vertices.
Particle physics - 8 fold way
Nuclear physics - second magic number - binding energy. Large isotopes with magic numbers of nucleous are said to exist in an island of stability.

Oh, and don't forget eight bits thingy on computers...

Castel del Monte means "fortress of the mountains" and resembles a mandelbrot set, which in turn tends toward infinity. There is the presence of the golden ratio in the main portal. The castel is a fractal model.
The castel is also a town in Puglia, S Italy.

Do people really think writing fantasy is easy? It's a lot of fun, but, easy? Hmms. Tries to remember her physics...

Today's image comes from wikipedia.



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