Oh, Wow



And there was me asking for reviews and I received my first one for "The Voice of the Land", which I am shamelessly going to post because, well, wow. Thank you, Elizabeth!


Highly original and a must read. On the one hand is Steven   Caragan, who is not a 'person'. He is a clone owned by an Earth consortium and   he has been conditioned to have no feelings, only to obey without question. But  he does have feelings and a friend in the form of another clone, who commits  suicide. Now Caragan is dispatched to find out what drove his friend to this  unthinkable act.

On a planet the natives call Cavan, Caragan finds a  planet so in tune with its spirit that even the plants turn against him. There  is no escape without a change so profound that Carogan must embrace all he has  been conditioned to repress, or be driven insane. The high priest of the Cavalana is the catalyst to force Caragan to change. Can he evolve, or will he  die? Read on to find out.

I cannot say more without giving spoilers, for  this book is filled with so much that is wonderful. I think the scene that is  fixed in my mind is the trophy hanging on the wall behind the desk of the man  who owns Caragan. Without words, this speaks volumes. Highly recommended. 



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