Very recently I received a package from the lady who drew Richard's picture, which is on my timeline on FB. She is also a teacher and did a project about soldiers. Some of the grade 10-ers chose Rich as a subject.
Broke my heart in a good way. They drew pictures and wrote us letters.

I will quote from one of them and remember this is a young kid.
"I feel it is very important that we remember all those who have passed fighting for freedom of our country. I know that Richard worked hard to train to become the best soldier and representative of Canada that he could be. I feel for you and I want to tell I'm very sorry." M
Plus, he drew a beautiful picture of Rich.

I am so glad there are teachers out there who ask kids to think.



04/05/2013 10:26am

That is incredibly special and very moving Sue. Breaks my heart xxxx

04/05/2013 12:49pm

That warms my heart. That boy of yours is still leaving his mark on so many. True sign of a strong and good person xo

04/05/2013 4:05pm

That is so true, Kate. I shall treasure those letters.

04/05/2013 4:04pm

It is special. Of course I wept buckets, but it was wonderful, too. xx


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