It is a funny thing that I was sitting here thinking about ravens as inspiration within a story and my dh says, Hey, you know Odin's bird is... completely out of the blue. So that one begins to wonder about subliminal messages between those we love.
This picture, whose author I can't give credit to but I believe is called 'Chris' touched a huge chord in me. For several reasons. Those who know me know of the raven tattoo I have because, when Richard went missing, a raven arrived at the acreage and wouldn't shut up. He was a herald, although I didn't know it at the time, or perhaps, wouldn't accepts its message.
Bearing in mind that Rich drowned, this picture is particularly apt.
It is a funny thing also that I had no belief in spiritual things before Richard passed, but so many strange things happened, that I have no choice.
But, as I have said before, Curnow means Cornwall and on Cornwall's shield of arms are two ravens. So now they have special significance for me. There are so many legends surrounding them. They are smart, smart birds and definitely harbingers. One, obviously I didn't want to see, but at least they are honest.
I am still waiting to discover what the number '4' means. Once I would have dismissed something like that. That continual noticing of a number, but I don't any more. Are there strange things you've noticed and dismissed and later found them to be significant



04/13/2013 11:10pm

Isn't it always like that? Hindsight is 20/20, but yes. I can name so many odd things that have happened throughout my life that when I look back, take the form of herald after herald. The universe does talk to you. Sometimes we just aren't in a place to hear it.

04/14/2013 10:25am

Yeah, we don't tend to listen, or if we do we tend to dismiss it. Like when I saw that 'angel'. I did everything in my mind to rationalise, justify it etc etc, determined it was just the product of an over-active imagination. But it wasn't. I sat there thinking it is a trick of the light, the way the sun is shining, even, because I *want* it to be there, but none of that was true. Sometimes we simply have to accept.


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