I have seen many articulate and heartfelt response to the incident in Boston. From my own perspective I will say this: It is obvious that the idea behind the bombings, whoever did it, was to terrorize. Although that goes without saying, the thing is, none of us can live in that kind of fear.
After the initial horror of deaths, you cannot wrap yourselves in cottonwool. Because, to put it bluntly, you could walk across a street tomorrow and get hit by a car. That is taking it down to basics, but it is a truth.
As a mother who lost a son and who will never get over it, I can still say that. Bombers don't deserve any credence At All. Each time, me included, we write about it, we actually give them recognition. I detest that. Anyone who would kill indiscriminately has no family values. Has no real idea what it means to lose a loved one. They only have pathetic, idealised ideals.
So, yes, be outraged by all means, but don't live in fear. Because the bombers truly aren't worth your worry. The media will talk it up. I know, I have experience. Apparently my son was 'all sorts of things' according to the media, none of which were true. But he did one thing. He blew up, personally, with a team of soldiers, many of these IEDs, risking his life on a daily basis. And there are many men and women who do this. There are so many brave men and women out there. Caring people who gave their coats to runners, who leant cell phones, that, really? Bombers? Pftt
You don't have to live in fear. Not from them


04/22/2013 9:52am

Best post I've read about it. ::HUGS::


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