I read this novel a while ago,
when the author and I belonged to a writing group. When I write a review, even
if I know the author, I try to be scrupulously honest, because I know exactly
how an author feels. I have a library full of books - yes, real ones - because
for me, the mark of a great book is when I can go back again and again and still
find something.<br>When I read Shadow over Avalon again, even knowing the
outcome, I discovered the same thrill on my initial reading. That pleasure of a
great plot that kept me on my seat from start to finish - that anticipation when
I know I am getting close to reading time at the end of the day. Because the
characters get a hold of you and you simply have to follow them.<br>If you
mention 'Arthur' as a storyline many folks will sigh and mutter stuff like -
been there, done that. Don't be fooled, this is a unique novel where the
author's scientific knowledge shows through. This Avalon is nothing like the
almost utopian creations of Arthur and his round table and his perfect knights.
This is a battle for survival where Earth has returned to a more primitive form.
Avalon is one of the few outlets that have retained technology, but there is a
price. Avalon is under the sea.<br>Shadow over Avalon is just the
beginning of an epic tale which describes how this happened. Arthur, whose
talents as a seer, make him a valuable asset rather than a 'person' must
discover his true origins to gain freedom. 'Shadow' is the mysterious woman
whose life he follows upon the surface world to gain that
knowledge.<br>The real threat, however is only just beginning to show its
ugly head. Who or what is truly manipulating events? And how did this threat
come about?<br>But a stunning plot is nothing without the characters who
people it. Characters you can empathise with, or hate for their actions. Shadow
over Avalon has it all.<br>Now I am going to tap my fingers for the next
one. Ms Lesley, please hurry up!
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