Dec 23,
Giacomo        rated it        
A refreshing read.

I have been looking for a good sci-fi/fantasy novel for a while. Something to sink my teeth into and relax with. The problem is that they are difficult to find. I write mysteries, but I truly enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy, and Curnow didn’t disappoint me with this one. Her writing is beautiful. Sparse when it needs to be, and perfectly descriptive when it calls for that.

I have always enjoyed books where an author combines fantasy with sci-fi, and cultures at different stages of development. Curnow does this nicely and gives us glimpses inside their minds so we can experience the differences as we read. There were a few times when I felt the author dwelled too long on emotions, but that could be me, as I tend to favor very quick visits into self-reflection. I also felt we could have had a bit more depth in a couple
of the secondary characters.

With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Games of Adversaries, and finished it in two nights, something I haven’t done in far too long. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sci-fi/fantasy. Also, to note, the formatting and layout were done well and the book was very high quality. Too many books are riddled with mistakes. You won’t find that in this book.

I have a system for my ratings and I rated this a 4.2, but it was such a refreshing read that I rounded that up to 5 stars.


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