RIP son.

To Live in the Hearts of Others is Never to Die.

15th April 1986 - 22nd May 2011

I can't think of a greater tribute than the poem Pat Moulden wrote about Rich. They were on the same team on Rich's second tour of Afghanistan.

People ask every day, yo what happened? where you been?
i can't fuckin  answer, i can't even see 'em
i do my best to get by one day at a time
but  life just don't make sense these days with no rhyme
we suffered, we sweat,  we did everything together
but now your gone and ill miss you forever

you've been gone for 2 years now, how can that be?
when in my dream last night it was just you and me
sitting under that mountain after that long ass patrol
where we disarmed a bomb so the local children could roll
up to the foot path we pounded in fear
and tossed the kids treats that smiled ear to ear
my heart is broken here on earth with you gone
but i know that I will be seeing you at the end of my song
for the rest of my life i will try to be like you
the perfect soldier, father and man through and through.



05/22/2013 11:41pm

soldier is the best situation handler on earth and i am confident you will prove to be one among them.

06/04/2013 4:06pm



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