The next time someone breaks their foot at work, shoot me first. It seems like I have been working forever, even though that isn't the case. I am just overtired and grumpy because I get little horse time and even less writing time. This week I have one day off, which was yesterday, spent doing some tidying, brushing my horse and teaching T to drive on hi-way and city. This weekend we are contributing to a Wounded Warriors garage sale in Westaskawin, which hopefully will be fun. Then I have to work the following week and the long weekend. Then I get some time off.
At least, I guess it allows the brain to fill up with writing, even if it doesn't get written right now.. My two WIPs are going well, in my head at least. But that is all part of the process, thinking the plot and characters totally through. Making sure their motivation is right.
Ah well, such is life, I guess.


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