I am calling it that, because having a second book published is not quite the same as the first. There is a terrifying excitement with book one. My first book! OMG everyone will hate it! No! Everyone will love it. I don't care. I care more than...
That schizophrenic conversation with oneself is quite common, I believe. Part of the crazy life of a writer.
I've spoken before about my pathetic ability to promote or 'market', but actually I am learning. Slowly. Hey, I can tweet! Wow, you say, we can all do that, that's nothing. And it isn't that hard. But the people who mainly seem to want to follow me are other writers and, er, are they going to read my book? I doubt it. Although I have tried a couple of odd books I wouldn't have picked up but for tweeting, so who knows?
But going back to book one versus book two. "Games of Adversaries" is still being picked up. I did get the publisher to reduce the price as a promotion for "The Voice of the Land", simply because I want people to read it. An author gets a warm glowy feeling when people read and enjoy their books that has nothing to do with ego but a quiet satisfaction. Which is why I don't always get the buy my book mentality. I get that you want people to read, but why the desperation? It is like rushing around with an armful of books, thrusting them under people's noses and shouting READ THE F*&^%ING THING WILL YOU!
Ah well.
Games and Voice are two very different books. I've already been told that Voice is 'better' and it should be, given I now know how to edit better thanks to my publisher. But Games certainly has its charm and I am proud of it as a debut novel.
So I am still going for that exponential effect. Letting people read and discover and hopefully want more. Because there will be more. I have some more editing to do on 'The Discovering of Demons', book 2 of the Warriors trilogy and set five hundred years down the road, or, I guess, across the stars. There are a few too many pov switches which need straightening out. It is a damned good story though. Sometimes, however, that isn't enough. It has to be an incredibly good story, with incredible characters, and I think Luqa Drendun is that character. Somewhat of an anti-hero, troubled, like many of my 'heroes', but we will see what folk think of him soon enough.
I am just as excited about that third book and the WIP I am writing as I was the first. A quiet excitement and a hope that people will love it as they have the first two.
And just to show I get excited about the smaller things. 117 have entered the Goodreads giveaway for 'The Voice of the Land'. That is so cool.
The day I stop getting excited and passionate about my work is the day i stop.


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