These are swords I own. All given to me, for which I am grateful. It is interesting holding them, and even if they are replicas, it still gives you a very good idea of what it is like just to hold a sword for any length of time, let alone swing one about. The kids always loved looking at them. Always wanted to 'play' with them, and while I might let them hold them from time to time, playing was out of the question.
Because my mind won't settle right now, I was re-reading a story I began a while back called 'The Broken Sword'. I discovered there is a computer game called that, so it would have to have a different title, but within the story, yes, a sword gets broken deliberately. I remember doing research for that, trying to discover the best way to do it. I certainly wasn't going to practise with mine.
Sometimes when you go back over older stories you laugh, either at the poor writing or even the storyline, but I didn't. I became totally enthralled by my own writing and cursed like hell that I had only written until chapter ten. Definitely one that can be fully developed one day. Pure fantasy with a spaceship in it. I have a habit of confusing genres. Gods and science. There is a question within the story as to whether nature and gods can overcome the contamination leaking out of a crashed ship, or will it take science?



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