Merlin and I say Happy New Year from snowy Alberta!

It has been a strange year, still dominated by the loss of our son, Richard, because that kind of event shapes you, sometimes without you even realising.

Yet, life never stops unless you choose it.

Highlight of this year was definitely getting "Games of Adversaries" published, because it returned me to that wonderful place of passion with the written word.

Success might be termed in numbers or it might be termed in achievement. That doesn't always mean fame and riches but a quiet satisfaction that a goal has been reached.

So, I have a son at university, a horse whose back is slowly improving (the boy fell awkwardly jumping a fence to escape llamas). Makoiyi, our  eleven year old Irish Wolfhound is hanging in there. Mica the cat is, well, a cat.

A big thank you to all those who stayed with us through some difficult times, especially to my wonderful husband and son. I wish all of you a wonderful new year and will send out vibes it is a good one for all my friends.



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