This is in answer to Soo Clark from Silk Screen Views, a blog which reviews my kind of stories. http://silkscreenviews.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/the-liebster-blog-award-2013/
The 'award' is presented to those who have a promising blog but kinda new at the game so have yet to gain a slew of followers. The rules seem to vary a bit, but it was still fun.
~ The Rules for the Liebster Blog Award ~

Once Nominated:
1.You must answer 11 questions from the blog that
nominated you.2.Choose & nominate 11 blogs to receive the LBA.
3.Notify the blogs that they have been nominated for the LBA.
4.Pick 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

Soo ~ The Instigator’s ~ Questions for the Nominees.

1.What was your first  response when you got my email about the Liebster Blog Award?
Google! Because I wanted to know what it was.

2.Name a weird event that has happened due to running a blog. If the answer is no, tell a joke. It must be FUNNY!
I can't tell jokes. I am pathetic. \0/ No, sorry, nothing really weird. Quite glad about that really even if it isn't newsworthy.

3.Has anything unexpected happened to you by writing a post? If the answer is no, create a haiku about your blog.
Serendipity dances through pages winter long.
While tragedy, both real and fiction, call listeners.
Fae argue merrily with aliens.
Er, might have cheated a tad. So long since I wrote one I can't remember the rules.

4.Light saber or magic wand? Defend your answer! =).
 Magic wand. Because I am sure if I had a light saber it would run out of batteries...

5.What is a flaw you would never give up?
Day dreaming stories, which mean I miss Important stuff like bills and, oh, housework.

6.If you could rid the world of stupid people, would you? Why or why not?
 Not. Because stupid people make me look so clever.

7.What three things do you absolutely must have to survive the Zombie
 Clean water, a damned good dog, and my family.

8.Is there a book you regret reading? What was it?
Nope, because you learn something every time, good and bad.

9.What do you do when your creative juices dry up and you can’t write anything but
 Go ride my horse.

10.What is your definition of a white lie?
 One which doesn't hurt anyone else.

11.Why did you decide to accept the LBA & participate in the blog meme?
Because I love interacting with people via my blog and would adore some more people to talk to :).

Oh my goodness, eleven people and I know many folk don't like to do these, but I guess I will name them anyway. I think I will stop at seven, and please don't feel obligated, it is only fun!

Elizabeth Hull (C.N. Lesley) -
Jim Giammatteo http://giacomogiammatteo.com
Erren Greywolf
Sussi Egneus http://www.segneus.com/
Tali Spencer http://talismania-brilliantdisguise.blogspot.ca/?zx=42bc093a51cab98d
Crash Froelich http://crashfroelich.weebly.com/
Sandra Almazan http://www.ulbrichalmazan.blogspot.ca/
So now I have to think of eleven questions. Since these are all writers...
1. Describe the perfect book for you.
2.If you could be one of your characters, who would you be and why?
3.Name your favorite author and tell us why.
4.You are stuck in a place without access to paper or a computer of any kind - what would you do?
5.If you were handed a six figure publishing contract tomorrow, how would you spend it?
6.What music do you listen to when you write? Or do you prefer silence?
7. Is there a life other than writing? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?
8.Tell me what you are working on right now.
9. What is the best thing (so far) you have written and why should I read it?
10.If no one ever read your work, would you still write?
11.What made you pick the particular genre that you write in?



03/27/2013 8:19pm

=D Yay you did it.

03/28/2013 7:48am

Lol, yeah, in between work and- more work - but I doubt anyone will do it, which is a shame since it is a bit of fun...


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