"The Voice of the Land" Book one of the 'Warriors of the Land" trilogy.

Forthcoming from Artema Press in March.

Could a world be sentient? Cavan's natives think so and are prepared to defend their belief.

When one of Victor Grantham's clones commits suicide, he sends another to the world to discover why.

Bred to be a killing machine, Steven Carogan discovers a world that will transform him, both physically and mentally.

On Earth, there are those who believe Cavan and its resources belongs to them. The Cavalana believe otherwise, but how will they persuade Carogan to break through years of indoctrination to prove it?

Beta reader's comments: Truly extraordinary, in concept and execution.

In this science fiction novel by Susan Elizabeth Curnow, a clone created for
no other purpose than to serve his ruthless master finds more than insight into
the suicide of his friend and fellow clone when he is sent to the world of

It may be the answer to all he's ever longed for if he can avoid the imminent
danger of insanity and death--and accept that the land is a sentient entity he
has been chosen to serve once gifted with the blood that gains him so much more than a powerful pair of wings.



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