Sometimes it seems like yesterday, as though I could still reach out and touch. Still doesn't seem real. There is still a part of you that denies; that he will come walking in the door with his sunny smile and his manhugs, daughter in his arms.
I will always ask why, there will always be tears.
Oh, things have changed, of course. Life goes on. You can't live in the past even when some days you want to.
There is my writing and the possibility of a move. There is son #3 doing so well at Uni and becoming an amazing young man. My grandaughter, all legs and five years old in a couple of days.
There were the birds singing outside my window this morning - a herald of Spring. A time of renewal and awakening from winter's long grip. The snow is metling, the sun is shining, the animals are shedding. Can't wait for some greenery, although that is jumping the gun here in AB, another month or two yet. But the idea is there.
Have a Happy easter everyone, and remember what you've got



Dave Hoggarth
03/31/2013 5:33pm

Always sad for your loss Susan and Glen. I'm sure is is especially hard on holidays. Our thoughts are with you..

03/31/2013 6:28pm

Thanks Dave and Suzanne xx


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