I am delighted to say that I will have two more books published this year. The first is the "Magic Creatures from Celtic Mists", an anthology in which my story 'Undine' is within. That will be in April.  I will post the cover and a list of fellow authors as soon as I know them. Suffice it to say, there are some stunning stories within.

Around May, the first of a science fiction trilogy will be released, which already has the blurb here on my website under 'Warriors of the Land", and that will be "The Voice of the Land". Many more details about that to come along. The trilogy is not a conventional trilogy where one story follows upon another but is set five hundred years apart, to follow the development of several species. So each book is a stand alone.

I had fun doing research for this one, learning about genetics and bats. Closest I can compare it to is Martha Wells' 'Raksura' stories, although this is sci fi and not fantasy. Or you could simply call it 'speculative'.

The blurb for the first book is thus:

Could a world be sentient? Cavan's natives think so and are prepared to
defend their belief.

When one of Victor Grantham's clones commits suicide, he sends another
to the world to discover why.

Bred to be a killing machine, Steven Carogan discovers a world that
will transform him, both physically and mentally.

On Earth, there are those who believe Cavan and its resources belongs
to them. The Cavalana believe otherwise, but how will they persuade Carogan to break through years of indoctrination to prove it?

Very excited about both of these books!



02/20/2013 4:22pm

Sounds like a great trilogy, Sue. I think I read a snippet once. 'pellucid' was in the mix.

02/20/2013 4:28pm

Ha! The great pellucid debate. I remember that vividly since the debate was over whether people would be turned off by a word such as pellucid in the opening para. That is in the beginning of book 2, "The Discovering of Demons" , and, yes, I left it in - lol

02/20/2013 4:52pm

sounds exciting, Susan. Can't wait to read them.

02/20/2013 5:44pm

I can't wait for people to read them! Thanks, Jim.

02/21/2013 12:54pm

I remember this book. Carogan is a fascinating character and I especially love Cavan's sentient natives. Glad to hear they're seeing publication!

02/21/2013 4:26pm

Thanks Tali! Well remembered. Yes, I have a soft spot for Carogan :)


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