The odd thing about writers is that while they can articulate perfectly on a page, when someone bluntly says to them: Well, what is the book about? No matter how passionate you are you often either mumble incoherently or launch into a half hour spiel that bores the pants off everyone. So I was thinking about that today and came up with this"

Since I asked the question, I'll start off. Imagine you are at a convention and either the agent of your dreams is standing right in front of you, or a room full of readers just waiting to read. You have five minutes.
The first question anyone asks is: What is your book about?
My answer would be:
"Games of Adversaries" is about contrasts. The story opens with two men, one fighting a brutal snow storm outside a castle, the second dancing to his god on a distant world of wealth and advancement.
Two men from different worlds brought together by tragedy and need against a common threat.
Complex men who grow to understand one another through pain and war and why
sometimes it is necessary to fight.
The underlying theme of PTSD runs through the story and how that affects people.
But there is also the fun of writing a story with spaceships and castles in the same context. The confusion of different ideologies. The stench of medieval life versus modern conveniences.
There is arrogance of strength versus mysticism and arrogance of, I have the
strength to take your world, try stopping me.
And since I have it available, a quote from a reader: (Thank you Tali Spencer)
This is a clear-eyed book that does not flinch from a difficult subject and it also has a large overarching plot with the fates of planets hanging on the outcome. Marcus and Yiahan, especially, provide some wonderful character moments, as do the mostly male supporting cast. But Games of Adversaries managed to do what few books do: it satisfied my love of philosophical underpinnings. Much as I sometimes love simple, fluffy books because I need the lightness, few things make me as happy as a deep, complex book that gives me a few things to think about. Five stars for that and for
taking me on an exciting journey between worlds.



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