When someone starts writing, the reason often is, because they loved reading. I suppose in some ways it is like fan writing, because you attempt to emulate what you've enjoyed most. The other aspect of this is, you think you can do better.
That's when you realise that the ease with which you read is an artform a writer has perfected. It is why they are many not-so-good novels out there. Because believe me, it ain't easy. It really is blood, sweat, and tears, and maybe a few tantrums.
Even so, it doesn't stop you. Well, it didn't stop me. Now and then I will whinge and whine louder than my wolfhound, but mostly, I keep going.
So I got to thinking who influenced me most.
As a child it was all the Enid Blyton stories and Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby stories. I found Dorothy Dunnett at around eighteen and devoured everything she wrote. But it was also people like Robert Silverberg and Piers Anthony. Later it was CJ Cherryh.
I put a dedication in my novel to just a couple though. It was CJ who really stoked my imagination, followed by Janny Wurts. Very very different styles yet both with depth and characters you really wanted to follow. Then there is Kate Elliott and CS Friedman.
I hadn't realised that all my favourite authors are women. It wasn't intentional, but I guess I just empathize more. There are gentleman writers I like, but when I looked at my bookshelves there are definitely more ladies. But these are the main ones who mistakenly influenced me to write.
How about you?

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