Todays picture comes to you from Afghanistan. Always loved this one. My son is on the right, a Canadian soldier beneath an American flag and vice versa.

Back to the subject matter.
Just who the heck do you think you are? Yes. You! You may have sweated rocks to write a book. You may have even caused rifts with your obssession. But why do you think anyone is going to read it? What entitles to think anyone should bother?

Really. No, this isn't a poor me, no-one-will-read-my-book-post. Far from it. It is something I have noticed as I have been trying to learn about marketing. Because, I wanted to do it subtly. Not with a shout, but as a gradual build up. Yet I see tweets and FBs and tumblrs and whatever! media, people shouting out 'buy my book'. Why would anyone?

You have to have a reason why anyone would buy your book. Are you interesting? Do you have something positive to say? Is your book such a grabber that people have to read it?

Yes, you have to reach people.

I, for example, am a wallflower. No, seriously. So why would anyone know who I am? Why would anyone shell out ten bucks to buy one of *my* books? I really don't expect it. I am totally grateful if you do. But I am not going to bully you into it.

There are such wonderful opportunities out there for authors. Don't abuse them. Connect and enjoy, because without joy, well, what is there?



01/16/2013 6:26pm

Susan: You are so right. To me, it is a complete turn off when I see those 'spammy' type tweets and facebook posts. I think you have to write a book good enough to get people talking about it. And get reviews. I never have liked a 'hard sell.'

01/16/2013 6:33pm

No, and I may 'fail' because of it, but I CANNOT do this spam thing, It is wrong. It is like I have said. Yes! Of course I want people to read my novel. It's a damned good book, that is why. But I ain't gonna thrust it down their throats.

01/16/2013 8:16pm

You're right, Susan. Everybody hates spam. That's why I rarely talk about my books and writing on my FB 'me' page. However, people can't buy your books if they don't know they exist. It's a fine line. I'm a wallflower like you, but I've had to learn to market a bit. How much is enough, how much is too much? I really don't know. Let me know when you find out?

01/16/2013 8:39pm

I wish I could wave a magic wand, especially for those writing friends I know have huge talent. Trouble is, mainstream still has clout, although that is changing. Meanwhile, as far as i can see in my very limited experience, it is through connections that we grow. And not neceassirly through writing our novels but the things beside that. |Forex, your wonderful photos. Me? Maybe talkig about my quirky animals. Creating conversations. No, it isn't bloody easy, especially when you would rather be private, but...


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