I think all authors are asked that age-old question - where do you get your ideas from? Variations on that theme are - I know you, but I never expected you to write a book like that.  Which leaves me wondering if I am a little bit strange.
Why indeed do I write? The simple answer is because I have to. The more complicated answer is that it is a love and an obsession that compels me to put words on paper and screen and then go over and over them again until I am happy and, hopefully, they are in grammatical order; I've got all my facts right etc etc.
Games of Adversaries was my learning curve. My first published novel, and it shows in places. Yes, I made mistakes. When I read through some of it the other day I thought, hms, I would have changed that. But. The thing is, a bit like children, sometimes you simply have to let them go.
I've had some wonderful reviews for it, so people have truly enjoyed my words. No, I didn't become an overnight success *G*, but I never expected that, because I tend to write complex novels populated by extra-ordinary folk.
The main thing that came through was that the novel wasn't what people expected. It was always about contrasts, it was always about the horrendous nature of war and what it does to people. I'm not sure what they imagined, but obviously I didn't do a good enough job with the blurb.
I haven't pushed it and I know I should have done a lot more, but it is a good story. It is different, the people are real. It is about betrayal and courage, where nothing or no one is quite as they seem.
I can't fight the mass of novels out there right now, but I can quietly say I am proud of my fledgling. There are two more novels which go along with this world. Not edited yet, so we'll see if people want to know more. I know this one novel wasn't enough to portray the worlds I created.



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