Games  of Adversaries (Kindle
13, 2013 
By P.  Kater

Games of Adversaries was quite a surprise for me. In the  beginning it seemed to jump from one type of reality to something so completely  different that I wondered if I had missed something. Not in the least though, as  reading on showed me.

This story deals with a coming together of cultures  so different that it's amazing. I don't want to spoil anything for you but that  is difficult. There are two main characters, one from each world, and they need  to work out a mutual problem, but before they are ready to do that they first  need to find a commonplace where they understand each other's background. This,  of course, goes with plenty of problems.

The story flows well, moves  along swiftly and yet brings enough information and
background to understand the  implications of most actions. I appreciated this
book very much.



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