I wrote a poem not long after Rich passed. Very 'Evanenscence' I know, but it was how I felt at the time and often do still feel.

Why did you have to break our hearts and leave so soon?
The memory of your smiling face stays,
Your spirit shines among us all the days.
You were taken too young
And left behind a legacy of love
Yet the sorrow of your passing won't leave.
The mystery of your leaving will not go,
Your immortal soul may see us down below,
But your memory is so clear.
It doesn't lessen with each day.
Yet the void you left behind
Shatters the peace we might find.
If we only knew why you had to go,
Then maybe we might understand.
What greater need than ours
Did you find to fly to
That leaves us with a memory and not you?



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