This was supposed to go out before yesterday's post but the gremlins got me, as they did for Crystal Gate. Unfortunately I've been called into work and have to go NOW so can't fix that post until much later, but I will make it much more readable. Not sure what went wrong there, or it is the wrong draft perhaps grrrs and all that, but I will get to it ASAP.
I haven't written on here for a while because I am been insanely busy. As an author, I should be churning out 'stuff' 24/7 to keep my popularity going. As a person, well, cannot do it right now.
2013 has been filled with work and mental and physical exhaustion. Yes, I will admit to it. I am not superwoman. I have had ups and downs with minor health issues, which always seem to come back to stress. So it has been a journey of self-discovery; what I can tolerate and what not.
Grief remains adamant. When you lose a son nothing remains the same, When you lose a child and don't know what happened, not truly, then somehow it is worse. That not knowing can quietly drive a person nuts.
But I have found peace in other things. What I haven't been able to do is find the energy to write. Except, that urge always lingers in my brain.
I can't do the self-pub thing with all the social media that entails. I just can't. I also believe that authors should be paid for their work and if, it is properly edited and shiny, then don't let it go for free unless it is a promotion for another novel just coming out. Because most authors work their socks off to produce. While the advent of e-books has given so many that opportunity to get their work out there, it isn't always as diamond sharp as it could be.
Saying all of that, because I, personally, right now don't want to go the properly published route, that doesn't mean to say anyone shouldn't try first. Both self-published and main stream published have their advantages, and those guys who we have followed for years - where would be without mainstream publication? I will pay for a DGB (damned good book) because I love reading. I love quality, properly edited reading.
Now I have said all of that I am going to post a chapter or two of 'The Crystal Gate' on here. Why? Because if anyone can get some enjoyment out of it, I will be happy. I don't like stuff sitting on my hard drive doing absolutely nothing when, perhaps, folk will get some fun.
I want people to be critical. I want them to say what they like and dislike. because, we are all different. Let's have a bit of fun. Writers and readers, say how you feel and I promise not to be all 'uppity author' but listen.
I chose this one because it has always been a work in progress through my love of crystals, and the dh just bought me a wonderful crystal. Therefore I need to get this out there. At least my intuition is saying so.
So let's do it. The only thing I ask is to please comment so I know you are reading, otherwise, well, I won't know, will I? :)
Also, sometimes this format isn't as perfect as it could be, so bear with me.



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