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One image which will haunt me forever. My son lies in that coffin. So why am I posting it?
Something I posted on fb last night and wanted to spread to others:

Given the spate of Canadian Forces
suicides, can I say something as a soldier's mum who has lost as son? I lost  Richard through an accident, but he was still PPCLI, he was a soldier. He did NOT take his life but his life was taken from him. So, as a soldier's mum, I have the right to say, suicide is not the answer. Because I know as one of those who is left behind that this isn't how you spare the family left behind. They will forever question - why?
Why didn't you speak out, why didn't you say what was troubling you so deeply.
And I understand this is one of the hardest things you could possibly do, but,
for me, for a mother who has lost a son, please do so. Speak about what is
troubling you.  Speak about what you had to face. because, we are here to
listen. You will be surprised by how many WANT to listen and understand, without
condemnation. Because you were there to serve our country. You were there to
help a country in extremis, and not everyone understood that, but we do. I do.
Richard fought to save lives. He and his team destroyed IEDs. They saved
countless lives doing so, Don't negate that by now taking your life because you
also faced things which, back home, seem insurmountable. They aren't. If a
mother can survive the loss of her son then you can survive. You survive for the
people who love you, for the wondrous life around you. Yes, you saw Hell, but
are you going to let that defeat you? Don't.



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