Of course I would. Goes without saying. 156 loaves of bread later... Oh, what an exciting life I lead. I am going to whinge and whine and moan all work, I hope you realise. See, I even wrote 'work' instead of 'week' lol. At least the ladies keep me occupied, but they had better watch out or they will all end up as characters.

"Games" is still free on kindle at the moment, so don't forget to grab it while you can.
In other news, I won the 'evil villain' contest on Silk Screen Views. An interesting review website. So I get to read K.L. Schwengel Novel "First of Her Kind" which I am greatly looking forward to.
I've just finished Crash Froelich's "Never", which was an intriguing take on what might happen if Tinkerbell ended up as an 'ordinary' person and lived her life in St Joe's Missouri.
Thank goodness I can still find the energy to read. Now I must gird my loins and go do battle with the sour dough....



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