The flower epitomizes Hawaii. That glorious abundance of green things, flowers and an amazingly deep turquoise sea. It was a wonderful trip. To go from negative temperatures to the balmy winds of Oahu. From dressing like an Inuit to wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts and the occasional sarong. My goodness yes, I did wear a skirt and I didn't even feel uncomfortable doing so.

Our hotel was excellent. Hale Koa was built for the US military to have R & R and many take advantage of it. Yes, of course we went to a Luhau and we went to pearl Harbour, but otherwise she just toured, drinking in the scenery and drinking mai tai's on the beach listening to music and watching people dance. Very relaxing, although my body insisted on waking between 5 and 6 a.m every morning. Which just gave me more time to enjoy everything.

No, I didn't like the abundance of people, but then, I never have. I hated the streams of folk at Pearl Harbor simply because somehow it took some of the dignity away from the memorial, but, of course, everyone had as much right to be there as I had. And they should see it as a reminder of what war can do. Uncanny to see a rusting ship resting on the bottom of the harbor, and,yes, the oil does truly still rise. Almost like the spirit of those who were trapped below.
Tearful moments at the Luhau because of course, a military place, the announcer decides to do a tribute to fallen soldiers and there are Laurel and I holding a candle with tears streaming down our faces, but, it was all good.
Best parts were simply watching the crashing waves and listening to such happy birds singing in paradise. Plus meeting the author, Kate Elliott for a coffee. Such a nice lady.

Would I go back? Heck yeah, but probably to one of the smaller islands with less hustle and bustle. I barely touched a computer, which was actually a good thing. We had very limited access and I couldn't handle Laurel's Mac in any case. Horrors, it didn't have a mouse and very sensitive touch system. and I am such a creature of habit.

Nice, though to forget about stuff for a while, which was the whole point. Did miss my dh like crazy, and the animals. My horse just about ate me, the cat is sucky as hell and Makoiyi was just so pleased to be back where he belongs.
Will get back to the writing thing later, I promise. I am still basking in my
tan :)



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