I am mother, sister, wife, nana.

I am housewife, horsewrangler, writer, dog walker, cat servant, banker, shopper, chef, teacher, home decorator, gardener, snow shoveller, and baker.

I am a grieving mother, a mess of emotions, a conflict of reason, I am a  broken heart.

I am a dreamer. I am fiction and fantasy. I am hero and heroine, character and setting and other worlds.

 I am angry at life because no one should take the young.

 I am Merlin's soulmate and Makoiyi's friend and Mica's safety.

I am everything and nothing without my family.

I am the ghastly singer with the headphones on, the dancer behind closed

I am fearless as I ride the fastest horse and yet the wallflower at the party.

I am a writer not a speaker.

I am a person who can find beauty in a grain of sand.

I am a tiger when you hurt those I love.

I am contrary yet steadfast when it matters.
I am Gemini.

I am me.



03/01/2013 9:40am

Love you Sue xxx

03/02/2013 2:32pm

Yes, you are, and you are so wonderful. I love this post. Retweeted!


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