Wishing I was sitting back on that beach. Pretty chilly in AB right now. Ah well, tis only May and the grass is beginning to poke its head much to Merlin's delight.
I just thought I would do a round up of what is available from moi right now.

From the Amazon page:

"Games of Adversaries" is still free on Kindle and Smashwords. I adore that people are downloading the novel. That means people are reading!

"The Voice of the Land" A little slow to get off the ground, this one, but if you enjoy 'Games" I am thinking you will want to read more and "Voice" is a wonderful tale.

"Magic Creatures from Celtic Mists" An anthology only just out. Some wonderful stories within and the content is obvious from the title.

Also, if you go to "The Broken Sword" on this website, you get the first chapters of a novel I am playing with. It began as a short story years ago that I carried on into a spec novel. It begins very much like a fantasy tale, until you realise that most of the world's problems are caused by the contaminants from a leaking, crashed spaceship.

Go have some reading fun!



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