I read someone else's reading list for last year the other day, and it intrigued
me to look at what I had actually read. Not interesting for others, but for my
own edification:

In reverse order and maybe some I read the previous year
but I often 'repeat'.

Shadow Over Avalon - CN Lesley
Cherry Blossoms -  Wes Funk
No Dominion - CE Murphy
Mountain Echoes - CE Murphy then repeat for *everything*
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Romance super bundle - er various
Then follows everything by Lili or Lilith Saintcrow
Cold Steel - Kate Elliott
Cybele's Secret - Juliet Marillier - then rinse and repeat *everything* by Juliet Marillier
Protector:Foreigner - C J Cherryh
First of Her Kind - KL Schwengel
Never - Crash Froelich
The Siren Depths - Martha Wells - repeat for *everything* Martha Wells wrote.
Midnight at Spanish Gardens - Alma Alexander
Shards of Honor -  Bujold
Black Tiger - Greta Van der Rol - repeat on *everything* Greta wrote.
A Bullet for Carlos - Giacomo Giammatteo
Bee House Rising - Keby Boyer
Curse of the Mistwraith - Janny Wurts - a much loved repeat
Summer Knight - Jim Butcher - I read quite a few after this but then I got  bored.
Dominion - CS Friedman

The consensus being that once I get ahold of an author I like I truly do read *everything* by them as long as the quality holds up. With the Dresden files, it wasn't so much the quality as being too similar in plot after a while. There were more that I read. Some I don't even want to mention, some I've simply forgotten. Mostly these were kindle purchases, but not all.



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